Yoga Mats

Whether attempting the bakasana or sirsasana, the right yoga mat will offer the support, cushioning and grip you need to master your practice. Our handpicked edit of unisex yoga mats features unmissable styles from B Yoga, Manduka and Yogi Bare. Find your ideal base for mindful movement.

Yoga Mats


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    Yoga Mats

    Looking to find the best yoga mat for your practice? Our carefully-curated edit features an array of premium unisex yoga brands, sourced from around the world. So, whether you are looking for a travel mat to take on-the-go or need something durable and cushioned for everyday practice, we have the ultimate selection. Explore our edit today and find the best yoga mat for your individual needs.

    Why we love them:

    Yoga mats are an essential piece of equipment to have in your kit. Incredibly versatile, a quality yoga mat can be used in a variety of workouts, such as yoga, Pilates, core classes and training. At The Sports Edit, we only welcome the best yoga mats into our edit; the ones that promise impressive durability (we will be using it on the regs, after all), as well as grip, cushioning and of course, style. Available in a variety of shades and constructed from the finest materials, you can find a yoga mat that suits your personality and your practice.

    Brands we love:

    We have a full range of unisex yoga mats in our edit. If you're passionate about practice, discover our range of premium quality Manduka yoga mats. Beloved by teachers across the globe, this brand has a wide range of yoga mats made from natural rubber and PVC, with high-density cushioning and various colourways. Alternatively, if you love a fancy pattern, discover Yogi Bare, which infuses advanced anti-grip technology into all of its designs. We also have some of the best yoga mats from B Yoga, which can be effortlessly transported and are engineered from non-toxic materials that are kind to you and your home.