Yoga Blocks

Deepen your practice, stabilize your poses and improve your alignment with our edit of high-quality yoga blocks. From sturdy cork yoga blocks to lightweight foam options, these blocks tick all the right boxes.

Yoga Blocks


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    Yoga Blocks

    Looking to deepen your practice? Discover our edit of the best yoga blocks for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Lightweight, comfortable and versatile, our edit contains a selection of high-quality cork yoga blocks and foam yoga blocks that have a slip-resistant finish and durable construction. Whether you’re into Vinyasa, Hatha or Kundalini, a yoga block can be a great addition to your kit, helping you to deepen your practice and improve your form. Find the perfect yoga block for you from the likes of Manduka and Yogi Bare online at The Sports Edit.

    About our Yoga Block range:

    Designed to support, align and stabilize your poses, a yoga block can be a great tool for elevating your posing. They can also be a great tool for helping you modify poses and improve your flexibility. Slip one beneath you during pigeon pose to improve your alignment or rest your hands on one during triangle pose. Originally made from wood, today the market is filled with sustainable options made from cork, foam and bamboo. Foam yoga blocks tend to be slightly squishier and light, making them ideal for beginners and those who require extra cushioning, while cork yoga blocks have a slightly sturdier feel and provide extra grip for more advanced posing. At The Sports Edit, we have a choice of both, so you can choose a yoga block that fits seamlessly into your practice.

    Brands we love:

    If you’re looking for a sustainable option that ticks all the right boxes, discover the Manduka Cork Yoga Block. Crafted from natural cork, it offers a stable, firm grip that’s perfect for standing forward folds and assistance during camel poses. Our edit also contains a selection of recycled Manduka foam yoga blocks and durable options from Yogi Bare.