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    Japan is the home of ASICS, an epic brand with humble origins. Spotted on the soles of top athletes, sprinters and marathon runners worldwide, ASICS trainers elevate your performance with a high-tech approach and commitment to excellence. Continually evolving, the brand revamps its range regularly with the latest technology, more recently introducing gel ankle supports and Flyfoam midsoles. To summarise; wear them, win in them.

    It all began in Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka's living room in 1949. After leaving his job, he started making trainers for school children, which were in short supply in a post-war Japan. In 1950, his company produced its first basketball shoe. Thought to be one of the most difficult styles to manufacture, Kihachiro was of the mind that if he mastered this technique, he could overcome anything. It was his pioneering spirit that soon saw suction cups added to the soles of ASICS trainers (after being inspired by an octopus during dinner), and later, the addition of athletic spring shoes, mountaineering equipment and fishing equipment to its range.

    Since then, ASICS has evolved into a global enterprise with a towering reputation for producing outstanding trainers. With a 45,000 square-foot research facility 200 miles west of Tokyo, ASICS knows a thing or two about innovation. No longer exclusively for basketball, ASICS provides specialised trainers to tackle all kinds of sports: sprinting, trail running, tennis, football, and more.
    Asics shoes incorporate all the key factors runners should look for in their footwear:

    Cushioning - advanced cushioning technologies, such as Gel cushioning, provide excellent shock absorption and impact protection. This helps to reduce the strain on joints and muscles during running, enhancing overall comfort.

    Stability - Asics designs shoes with stability features, such as medial posts or support systems, to help control excessive inward rolling of the foot (pronation). This aids in maintaining proper foot alignment and reducing the risk of injuries.

    Durability - durable materials and construction techniques ensure their shoes can withstand the rigours of regular running. This allows the shoes to maintain their performance and structural integrity over an extended period.
    Asics shoes generally run true to size, meaning that they typically fit as expected. However, it's important to note that individual foot shapes and preferences can vary, so sizing can be subjective. To ensure the best fit, check out our size guide and recommendations for each style.