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    Nike Women's

    Iconic. Performance-driven. Fashion-forward. Discover our edit of the best Nike womens clothing. When movement is intrinsic to your lifestyle, you’ll need a kit that can effortlessly adapt from a casual stroll to sweat-inducing hill sprints - and still keep you feeling (and looking) fresh.

    Nike women deliver just that with its premium range of high-performance styles. Explore Nike shorts for women, tops, leggings and Nike shoes for women in our edit.
    Inspiring you to step outside your norm and into the unknown, Nike’s clothes for women can help you expand what you thought was possible. Offering an inclusive approach to the sportswear market, Nike helps unleash the athlete in everybody - from beginners to professional athletes.

    Continually pushing the barriers of design and performance, this brand has had its fair share of sports innovations and has a wide range of community initiatives and programmes that aim to help show children the power of sport.

    Featuring specialist collections for running, yoga, lifestyle and training, you can feel confident you have what it takes to excel in your sport.

    If you're a keen runner, pick up a pair of Nike running shoes for women, which feature next-generation technology to enhance agility, power push-offs and keep you feeling light through the miles.

    Nike’s women’s trainers are also perfect for training; with some styles featuring front-foot groves to boost traction during planks and overhead lifts and increased cushioning. If the yoga studio is where you feel most at home, Nike’s yoga pants and leggings are engineered for flexibility, with sleek designs that make getting into the flow easy.

    If you're always seeking the next endorphin high, our selection of Nike womens clothing features Nike 7/8 leggings, Nike tops women and Nike leggings women. So be sure to check out our NikePro range which includes NikePro leggings for women, as well as shorts, tops and bras, for extreme performance, iconic interchangeable styles and wear-all-day comfort.

    Be sure to check out our Nike Sale page to shop your favourite styles at a discounted price.