Vegan Trainers


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    Vegan Trainers

    Vegan trainers are exactly as they sound — sneakers crafted without any animal products or materials that are tested on animals. They’re made without the likes of leather and suede and are instead made with cruelty-free alternatives throughout all stages of the manufacturing process.

    But that doesn’t mean they’re not seriously stylish (and comfortable). Loved by the likes of Meghan Markle, Billie Eilish and Emily Ratajkowski, vegan trainers are quickly gaining a cult-like status.

    More often than not, vegan trainers are made from synthetic fabrics. However, many brands also use raw textiles (think organic cotton and bamboo) and recycled materials (like discarded clothes and plastic bottles).

    Better still, as sustainable sneakers grow in popularity, more and more companies are continuing to experiment with different vegan-friendly materials and some are even creating entirely new ones.

    Veja and Saye are two of the most innovative vegan trainer brands. Refusing to choose between design and social responsibility, Veja vegan trainers are in high demand. Make a statement in the sleek yet effortless Veja Urca trainers or embrace all things activewear in the Veja Condor.

    For a more retro look, opt for Saye trainers (we love the Modelo ‘89). Made using leftovers from the automotive industry, this brand knows how to make sustainability look sophisticated.